Train the Train Programs (TTT)

A+ Safety does offer some of our classes as a Train the Trainer, (TTT) program. The ones we do offer this program for are required training for compliance. We feel most companies can utilize this type of prgoram. In order for this TTT to work, the managment must have a solid commitment to safety and be willing to enforce the rules as required. 

Most safety companies will not offer many or if any TTT programs for a couple reasons. One being money. Train the Trainer represents a sizable savings for you the client. Rather than hiring us to train anually, with the Train the Trainer program, your designate can train anually as well as train any new hires. Most of the TTT programs must be renewed from 2-4 years from certification and we hope you will use us for your recertification. But during that time this can save a company hundereds and even thousands of dollars. We look for the long term relationship with all of our potentual clients, we want you to save money yet not comprimise safety. So by offering programs like this for some of the courses you might need, it will save your company money, and keep us serviceing you for other items that can not be TTT. 

This is what you get with a TTT program:

Your employee(s) trained as trainers on picked topic.
Power Point Presentations
Hand out materal
Test (and answers)
Biligual in some programs
Certification form
Pictures or Video (depending on whats selected)

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