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Name: Toni Kennedy
Title: Safety Specialist/Trainer/Office Manager

My Specialty training: 
BBP (Blood Borne Pathogens)
CPR/First Aid/AED, Adult/Child/Infant
Emergency Evacuation/Action Plan
Forklift (PIT) (Power Industrial Truck)
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fall Protection
Heat Stress/Stroke
Haz-Com, NEW GHS (Global Harmonization System)
IIPP (Injury Illness Prevention Program)
JSA (Job Safety Analysis) 
LOTO (Lock out Tag Out)
Machine Guarding
Mock OSHA Audits
Office/Warehouse Ergonomics, Back Safety
Overhead Crane
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training
Respiratory/Fit Testing
Scissor Lift
Safety Team Build 
Train The Trainer (only certain topics will I provide Trainer programs)

Toni has a special way about her that makes her a natural when it comes to teaching. She has been training for over 5 years now and has traveled to several states in order to train safety compliance for our out of state clients. A+ Safety trainers are required to be confident in the information they present in order to teach others properly. Patience, care and the heart of a teacher are also necessary elements of a qualified trainer. We also require a good sense of hummer. Toni posses all of these qualities and then some. 

One of our bench marks for the success of our programs are safety audits. Toni takes a hands on approach when conducting an audit, ensuring the client has the opportunity to understand exactly what the compliance requirements are for their facility and how the company and its employees can best meet the requirements and remain compliant.

On a personal note

Hi everyone. As the mother of 4, teaching and training seem to be a natural fit. They say patience is a virtue. I'm certain I don't have that virtue, but patience is necessary with 3 boys and 3 dogs all under one roof. While training, of course it is my goal to make certain each student acquires the confidence, knowledge and skills of the material being presented. Patience is one key to that goal.

I am the proverbial "soccer mom". I wanted to raise my kids the way I was raised. With parental involvement. Now that the older ones are driving themselves, the Toni Taxi can still be seen shuffling my youngest to soccer or hockey practice and other events. You can see me in the stands during my son's wrestling matches. I'll be the one cheering the loudest. You'll find me at Boy Scouts and now Cub Scout meetings tying knots and teaching first aid. You'll find me applauding during the band concert with heart and soul. You'll find me traversing through the Science center with my grand-daughter. And lunching with my daughter at the pier. I am so proud of the woman by beautiful daughter has become. She is an absolutely wonderful role model for her daughter.

I enjoy cooking and it's a good thing because my family enjoys eating. My husband and kids are so patient when I experiment with a new recipe. My mantra at home has become "Cooking is Love Made Visible". And I can't forget the chocolate. As a confessed chocoholic, in the evenings you'll find me snuggled on the sofa with 2 loves, my adoring husband and Hershey.

CPR/First Aid/AED is my favorite to teach. It gives me the opportunity to really make a difference in people's lives. Teaching skills that they may need and use to save another's life. Several years ago, my wonderful husband was resuscitated. My priceless son was resuscitated at birth. I can't imagine a life without either of them. And I thank God that someone was there and had been trained in CPR when they needed them most. When I teach CPR to a class, I know the impact it can have on a family. I intend to make an impact. 

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