2 hours per meeting (6-8 meetings recommended to build team)

We will make our Safety Specialists available to participate in your safety meetings. We will help you build your team, get them trained in what to do in their everyday duties to keep all employees safe and following all Safety Policy’s. This team will learn how to be an internal audit team to keep your company up to compliance at all times. This can save the company money by having your own audit team in house.

 Once we have trained your team to perform these duties, A+ Safety Training would recommend quarterly meetings that our Safety Specialists would attend to check up on your team and how they are doing keeping your company in compliance. We would also update this team on any and all CAL OSHA, EPA or Fire Code Laws and Requirements at both the State and Federal level, as well as address you’re Workers’ Comp Insurance Company’s requests. A+ Safety Training can assist in any internal discipline actions of any safety violations.  In most companies, once the safety policy’s and team are in place, and all employees understand the duties of this team, they become empowered safety monitors for you. 
To maintain a Safe and Healthy work place, a Safety Team is a crucial asset to any company. This allows your employees to have a voice in safety and to be involved in the day to day safety awareness that is so necessary and crucial for an injury and accident free workplace. The more employees are involved, the more they care about everyone’s safety, not just their own. From a companies perspective, yes there is a cost to training and being safe, however the cost of one injury with time off, damage to equipment, time loss, production loss possible OSHA fines,and lawsuits for not having proper training can cost more than 10 times a healthy Safety budget.

 At A+ Safety we work with employers to keep safety cost within reason. We do have set prices for each training or program. Once we have established what you would need for compliance in your industry we will put together a package in order to save your company money and yet get everything you need done.

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