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Cal-OSHA 300 Injury log. You must keep a log of all Medically treated injuries or illnesses every year of your employees. PDF Format
Cal-OSHA 300A. Must be posted on bulletin board from February 1st thru April 30th or face possible fine from OSHA. PDF Format.
Cal-OSHA 5020 log. Employer accident report, must be filled out and copies sent to correct OSHA field offices. PDF Format
Cal-OSHA 301 form. This is one of the first forms you fill out to keep record of any accident or illness. You must keep this file for no less than 5 years. Some worker's comp carriers request this form for their records. PDF Format
Federal OSHA 300 forms. This file holds the set of 300 forms required for employers outside of California. All other files above are speific to Cal-OSHA. PDF Format
Generic accident report. THis templete is just a simple version of the information you should cover with you investagation. This is for company use only not to be turned into OSHA.  PDF Format
This word file is for Forklift Daily Inspections. Any red checks on this inspection requires you as a certfifed PIT (forklift) operator to lock or tag out forklift until repairs can be done. THIS INSPECTION MUST BE DONE DAILY or every 8 hour shift. Microsoft Word Format
All companies can use this form, but its primarily for the medical and dental industry. You must offer this to all employees that come in contact with bodily fluids in the course of their job duties. This form is to protect you the employer if an employee chooses NOT to get the Vaccine. Microsoft Word Format
Non Disclosure Agreement. We complete one of these for any company that chooses before we conduct a Audit or perform any training for them. This can be handy to have in case you ever need one. Just fill in the red areas. Microsoft Word Format
Under American Heart Association standards A+ Safety has developed the "ACT System" CPR/First Aid this file  has the most updated AHA Standards procedures for proper CPR steps.
Also under A+ Safety's "ACT" System this First Aid hand out is a good one to keep near your first aif kits as it can help in a advise in a emerency..
First Aid
A+ Safety's one sheet or flyer. This PDF file gives you one page summary of what we can do for your copmany. 

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