Fall hazards are among the most hazardous situations in the workplace. Failure to observe safe practices and OSHA rules can result in fatalities. OSHA has very strict requirements for working at elevated heights. Make sure the group understands the hazards of height work and the importance of following all rules designed to guard against these hazards.

By the end of this session, employees should understand:
• A description of fall hazards in the work area
• Procedures for using fall prevention and protection systems
• Equipment limitations
• The elements encompassed in total fall distance
• Prevention, control and fall arrest systems
• Inspection and storage procedures for the equipment

• Initial – 3-4 hours
• Annual refresher – 2 hours

1. Introduction: Basis for this course:
a. 150-200 fatalities annually in the U.S.
b. 100,000+ work-related fall injuries annually
c. Most workers who survive falls lose time from their job

2. Definitions
a. Competent Person vs. Qualified Person
b. Fall Prevention – prevention of a fall through the use of physical restraints:
• Hand rails
• Guard rails
• Toe boards
• Floor covers
• Ladder cages
c. Fall Protection
d. Freefall Distance
e. Anchorage
f. Body Belt – illegal since 1998
g. Body harness
h. Buckle
i. Connector
j. Controlled Access Zone (CAZ)
k. Deceleration device
l. Personal fall arrest system
m. Acceleration
n. Deceleration distance
o. Lanyard/self-retracting lanyard
p. Arresting force
q. Etc.

3. Examples of high risk types of work

4. General Program Requirements
• The Supervisor’s Role
• The written program
• Program review and evaluation
• Controls
• Worksite analysis

5. Training Requirements
• Retraining requirements

6. Elements of a fall

7. Safety requirements of a fall

8. Components of a fall

9. Basic fall protection system
• Categories of fall protection systems
• Hazards associated with fall protection equipment

10. Fall Protection and Rescue

11. Inspection and Care of Fall Protection Equipment

12. OSHA’s Perception of a Successful Program

13. Practical – don and doff harnesses properly and perform a detailed inspection of the equipment

14. Quiz/Game

15. Wrap-Up
• Ask for final questions.
• Make-sure everyone signed in.

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