Evacuation/Emergency Action Plan
Disabled Persons Evacuation plan custom to your building

This course would initially train a group of employees (safety team if you select that option) from all shifts as Evac/Emergency Action leaders. We will help them build the information needed and 
A+ Safety will write the written program and develop the techniques needed to train the entire company on an annual basses. A+ will also coordinate and monitor the first annual evacuation. Once this program is established and the entire company has been trained, you must perform this training/fire drill on an annual basses. 

A+ Safety reccomends the Train the Trainer program (up to 6 students)

We would provide this Training Program in order to help Your Company save the costs of training all employees annually. We would conduct the first anual Evacuation of your entire company while teaching a selected few how to train yearly, to train new employees and to conduct the yearly Evacuation and Fire Drill. This will help keep you complainant and save you money.

This is a very detail oriented Training and Plan and is specific to each client and workplace.

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