Back injuries are a serious health problem in the workplace. Thousands of back injuries occur each year, and many of these lead to permanent pain and disability. The real tragedy is that they are often caused by improper lifting and carrying of heavy or awkward objects, and could have been prevented by proper lifting and carrying techniques. Training employees in safe lifting and carrying can help prevent back injuries, reduce lost time, and improve productivity.

By the end of this session, students should understand:
• The importance of avoiding back injuries
• Ways to lift and carry objects manually that reduce the risk of back injuries
• How to use equipment such as dollies, handtrucks, etc., as a substitute for manual lifting and carrying

Ergonomics Office

At risk are any employees that have repetitive motion job duties, daily use of keyboards, computers or other equipment that would cause strain on body position, hand motion, head and neck position. Stations must be evaluated and adjusted to proper positioning in order to ensure no strain is being caused to employees while performing their job duties. This can prevent carpel tunnel, tendenitus, muscle and nerve damage or pain.  


We offer a Train The Trainer Program on these two trainings, due to the fact most companies have a fair amount of employee turnover, hiring spurts and temps. A+ Safety doesn’t want to add to your expenses when you have to hire and train a couple new employees from time to time. We will teach the selected employees how to set up work stations, train employees in proper lifting and all other aspects of Ergonomics. You will receive our full program with presentation, check sheets, rosters and other tools necessary to provide this training.

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