CPR/First Aid/AED 
Classes follow the AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines.

CPR/First Aid (14 students max per class)
CPR/First Aid/AED (14 students max per class) 
Larger classes might be available with addition of fee for second instructor

DURATION OF COURSE: CPR/First Aid: 4 hours, CPR/First Aid/AED: 5 hours

1. CPR includes:
• Compressions
• Airway
• Breathing
• Heimlich Maneuver

• First Aid covers:
• Bleeding
• Shock
• Burns
• Emergency situations
• Seizures
• Diabetic emergency
• Stroke
• Strains, contusions and sprains

• AED covers:
• Pad placement
• How to use the device properly
• How to check/change the battery
• How to check and change pads
• When to use the device


  Instructor lead with class participation, hands on with use of CPR mannequins, wide range of scenarios covered. Testing is done throughout course.
 2 year certification for CPR/First Aid/AED.

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