Our company feels secure knowing that we are working with A+ Safety Training. We are a multi-specialty medical clinic with two locations. A+ has worked with us on our CPR & Blood Borne Pathogen trainings, ergonomics assessments, fire safety, and OSHA requirements. The team is so informed on the latest information that we know exactly what to do and how to implement it companywide. They save us the time to focus on what we do best.

Katie Scott, Project Manager

Katie Scott
1520 Nutmeg Pl, Suite 260
Costa Mesa , CA 92626
E kscott@southlandspine.com. 
Denis, Tory and A+ have been providing our CPR/First Aid and AED classes for the last 8 plus years. Their passion, humor and knowledge make the class fun and interactive every time they come to renew our certifications. We will definitely will continue to use A+ Safety Training for years to come.

Abel Garcia
Clinic Manager

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"Denis and A+ Safety have been an extraordinary partner/resource for us. Their knowledge, contacts and experience have proven invaluable both before and after any serious issue. They truly have our Company's best interest at heart. They have made themselves available to serve our needs at any time of day or night, including weekends, and worked expeditiously to meet our needs. Their presence has resulted in a tangible difference in our overall safety and compliance."

Ricardo Ordonez, CFO & Co-Founder
International Rubber Products, Inc.

The service level that A+ Safety Training provides is outstanding. Their knowledge-base of safety procedures and requirements is excellent and they have been attentive to our safety needs. A “Safety First” culture has been ingrained in our company, thanks to their direction and guidance. It is a pleasure working with    A+ Safety Training. 

Scott Furr, Director of Operations
My name is Ann Ezzo and I am Director of Distribution for Delta Apparel, Inc in Santa Fe Springs. A+ Safety Training has been our onsite trainer for all of our Safety requirements for the last two and a half years. 

He and his team bring a unique and fun way of training to the table that is different than most training companies. There are games, conversation and real life experiences that are part of the process of learning that help to make the material being taught easier to learn and retain. They have done our yearly forklift training, our train the trainer program and then CPR and first aid just to name a few.

In my opinion the idea of training is more than just a trainer with a video reading or preaching at a group of employees required to be there. That was our experience until giving A+ a try. Even I dreaded the announcement we were having training. Denis and his team present the training in a way that brings humor and engagement to the table. My employees within this facility 110 strong had only positive comments after the trainings. Even for those with learning limitations and language barriers we have found less and less resistance to the classes themselves because of the way A+ deals with the individual needs of those they are teaching. They retained the information and said it was ‘FUN’! 

A+ was instrumental in helping us put a safety committee in place. They keep us in compliance with a fresh set of eyes during our quarterly audits. They have become a part of the fabric of Delta Apparel and this facility.

I highly recommend you give them a try you won’t regret it.


Ann M. Ezzo
Director of Distribution 

A+ Safety holds Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Confidentiality Agreements with most of our clients. We have asked a few to sign up on our testimonial page in order to help new visitors to get a better understanding of how we take care of our client family. Feel free to contact those that have left their information for refrences. We will never post a companies name or persons with out there direct permission. This is a policy we live by.
Ann Ezzo
Delta Apparel
Director of Distribution
WCDC Phone: 562-921-9893 ext 6401
Cell: 609-977-6001
Email: ann.ezzo@deltaapparel.com
Steve Ruszak, CPA (Inactive)
Chief Financial Officer
dreamGEAR, LLC
20001 S. Western Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
310-222-5522 ext. 164
310-222-5577 fax
Email: SteveR@dreamGEAR.net

Lorrie Reece
Safety Coordinator
Ricardo J. Ordonez
Chief Financial Officer
IRPI Group
2600 Homestead Place
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220
Direct Line: 310.868.5223
Direct Facsimile: 310.868.5239

Tom Johnsen
EHS, Safety Manager
Office: 562-207-6950
Cell: 239-7907
Email: Tom.Johnsen@solarispaper.com 

  I have known A Plus safety for quite some time I was a student in this company’s CPR class when I was working as a lineman and have been closely involved with Denis and his sister Tory the entire time that I have been working as a safety coordinator (the last 4 years)

  A Plus safety has always proven to be in the top of the field of safety, I have been certified through them 3 times and as a corporate safety coordinator the positive comments that I have received from the field praising the training not only for its high quality in content but very simply the class was actually fun. The IBEW and our company requires everyone to be certified every 2 years, which can result in very dry boring and repetitious re-cert classes. Employees at H&M actually look forward to seeing A Plus safety.

  Denis has been more than fair in our dealings over the last 4 years he has bent over backwards for me in getting training scheduled and on a few occasions rescheduled in very short notice. I was recently certified by his wife Tony who put on a great class. Denis and Tony have become very good friends of mine that I not only value as working partners but also on a personal level, These two are great people.

Lorrie Reece
Safety Coordinator

Jeff Levinson
Office (213) 974-2425
Fax (213) 633-0929

Scott Furr: Director of Operations 
American Dawn Inc.
401 W. Artesia Blvd
Compton, Ca 90220
Phone: 310-223-2000
Cindy Totten
Totten Consulting Group
8018 East Santa Ana Cyn Suite 139
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
714-998-1059 (office)
714-743-7402 (cell)

As an HR Consulting Company, ensuring our clients are compliant with State and Federal laws is our number one priority. I have had the pleasure and good fortune of working with and recommending A+ Safety to my clients for the past few years and will continue to recommend Denis and his Company to all my clients. His level of knowledge, expertise and commitment surpass any similar companies I have come in contact with. As I tell my clients when they utilize his services… “now we can all sleep sounder at night knowing we have taken steps to minimize the risk and liability associated with Safety and OSHA issues.”

Thank you Denis… you truly are an A+ in your field.

Cindy Totten, President Totten Consulting Group, Inc.

Quinn | Thanarajakool
Leftbank Art
13707 Marquardt Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
P. 562-623-9328 F. 562-623-9369  

I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using A Plus Safety as our safety consultant. With the help of Denis and his team, we have implemented many safety procedures into our company. We have certified all of our forklift drivers with him as well as our CPR certificates. I truly believe that he and his team have our best interest at heart and have always extended themselves to our company in times of need.

B e s t R e g a r d s,
Quinn | Thanarajakool

Marcie Hernandez
Branch Manager
Palmer Johnson Power Systems
P 562.868.6262
F 562.868.8435

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“A-plus consistently provides quality professional training to our company’s emergency response team and I recommend them without hesitation. Their unique teaching style infuses humor with need-to-know facts, ensuring that each student retains the most information possible with the least effort. Working with A-plus to schedule and coordinate training for our 400 team members is a breeze. When it comes to emergency preparedness training, A-plus gets an A+ from me.”
Jeff Levinson
County of Los Angeles ERT Training Coordinator
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“We began working with A+ Safety a couple of years ago. At that time we had no formal Safety Policy, Emergency Evacuation Plan, MSDS Book or Injury and Illness Prevention Program. We were able to implement all these programs within a few short months with A+ Safety’s assistance. Their dedication, professionalism and strong customer service orientation have been instrumental in improving the focus and level of Safety at dreamGEAR. As our ongoing safety consultants, they have become a key part of the dreamGEAR Team.”  

Steve Ruszak, CPA (Inactive)
Chief Financial Officer

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Roy Landeros
Bonnie Truesdell
Human Resources
MSM Canadian Transport, LLC
PH (800) 214 - 1289
FX (800) 667 - 9069
Email: btruesdell@msmla.com
Website: www.shipmsm.com

Abel Garcia 
Clinic Manager (Imperial Hwy)
Phone: 562-926-3440
Sherrie Martin 
Office Manager
Lisa Rivera
Tustin Irvine Medical Group
(714) 245-0800 Office
(714) 285-0400 fax 
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