Audit with Presentation and CD including Pictures and findings


A+ Safety Training will conduct a MOCK OSHA audit at your facility(s). These audits are done in strict confidance and the findings will not be shared with anyone but you the client. These audits are conducted exactly as an official OSHA inspection would be conducted. Through our relationship with OSHA field reps, we know what they are looking for. We ask that when we arrive, you not identify the A+ Safety auditor as such, but perhaps instead introduce him/her as a visitor to your facility. If an OSHA inspector would visit your facility, they would not announce their impending arrival. This will help give you, the employer, a true sense of the current level of safety awaerness and compliance of your employees.The goal is to uncover and identify any areas of weakness that need to be corrected as well as those areas of strength in your organization. 

The A+ Safety auditors will walk the facility with you or your designate, identifying any potential violations that could result in fines. They will also inspect your current safety program. With your permission, photos will be taken and included in the audit. Once the audit is complete, the auditors will schedule an appointment to sit down with you and go over the findings, photos and results. The auditors will also present you with an action plan to correct any violations. The Audit form and Action planand photos will be presented in both written form and for your convenience, prepared on a CD as well. Both yours to keep at no additional charge.

By taking action now you can help reduce or eliminate violations, fines and non-compliant issues, before they become an official issue. Comapnies that have a Health and Safety manger take advantage of this offer simply because a fresh pair of eyes can uncover thousands of dollars in fines.

A+ Safety Training will sign your confidentiality/NDA agreement or for your convenience
We can provide one for you.

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