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A + Safety Training is a family owned and operated business. Family is key to our success. At A+ Safety Training, we believe in building relationships with all of our clients. To us, our clients are part of our Safety Family and we treat them as such. We take a hands on, personal approach to all aspects of our industry. 

A+ Safety Training was started 15 years ago with the intent of helping companies and individuals stay safe, be prepared and reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace and beyond. By continuing to be focused on this adage, this insures our goal is constantly being met: To set up your safety program and teach your employees/safety team how to be self auditors for your company, in turn keeping your costs down and your safety awareness up, reducing or eliminating accidents, injuries and non-compliance fines. We understand one minor injury can cost substantially more than a solid safety program.

We ensure peace of mind for our clients. After all, you have a business to run and you entrust A+ Safety to be your safety advisor. 

We have worked with:

Food Processing * Food Packaging * Cold Storage * Child Care Facilities Nursing Homes Car Dealerships Construction Companies * Electrical Contractors * Underground Pipe and Electrical Contractors * Office Buildings * Places of Entertainment  * Occupational Clinics * Hospitals/Clinics * Dental Offices  * Production Companies * Manufacturing Companies * Distribution Centers Non- Profit Organizations

A+ Safety Training ensures your company is compliant with all OSHA and CAL-OSHA requirements. We have developed and maintained relationships with CAL-OSHA field inspectors and management in regional field offices to better serve you. With an insider’s view, these relationships allow us to create Safety Programs for our clients that keep our clients free of CAL-OSHA fines and keep their employees safe.

Several of our clients were introduced to A+ after they received a visit from an OSHA inspector. A+ Safety has successfully negotiated with OSHA to get fines lowered for our clients exceeding 2.7 Million since 2010. Not only was A+ Safety able to get such huge fine reduction, but I was able to get most "Serious" and or "Willful" violations dropped to "Generals'. While working to reduce their fines, we created a solid Safety Program for each of these companies, with companies cooperating with implementing a full safety program this helped defend their cases showing Employer cooperation. 

Our Safety Programs are solid to benefit you the employer and the safety of your employees. To date, not one of our clients with our Safety Program in place has received an OSHA fine or violation. 

Once we have developed a Safety program for you and have provided all of the OSHA compliance training required, A+ Safety will continue to represent your company and perform quarterly audits to ensure compliance. We operate and are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We train on all shifts or on multiple shifts in a day, at your site with as little disruption to your business as possible.

When you maintain A+ Safety Training as your Safety Consultants, you have peace of mind, knowing your company is protected, compliant and safe. 
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   A+ Safety Training has a very unique way of teaching. We believe in having a good time while learning extremely important information and skills. We use video only when required by law for that course. Most of our classes have interactive Power Point Presentations when needed. We run our class in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. Yes, we believe if a student enjoys the class they will retain more information and have the ability to apply that information to help keep everyone safer. There is a time in a class for a good laugh or joke, but there is also a time to be serious. Our students remember the skills learned better and more effectively because they were a "part of the learning process".

CPR/FA/AED is one of our most interactive and funniest classes we offer. It is also one of the most requested. Our clients and their employees look forward to the class for several reasons. We make it fun, yet we are teaching them how to save someone's life. The knowledge and skills learned during this class can be used in their everyday lives, at home with their families. We hope they will never have to use these skills. But if they do, we make sure they are confident enough to not hesitate and help the victim. In fact, our instructors announce at the beginning of the class that "You will be comfortable with performing CPR at the end of this class". Our instructors will spend extra time with any and all students that might just need a bit of extra help or one on one attention. This comes at no extra cost to you the employer. We just want to ensure they understand and feel confident in performing the skills involved.

 All of our courses are very interactive with entire class participation, hands on when required, one on one help when needed. We typically train on site at your workplace. We can structure most training to conform to your employee's break or lunch schedule. Upon completion of the training, students receive a personalized certification card that carriers all pertinent information for the type of training, trainer and expiration date where applicable. You, the employer, receive a class roster, signed by each student. We can personalize any training for you and your company.